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Changing The Way We See Ourselves

The Holocaust is not the central event that defines the Jewish people so stop acting as if it were.


You can be the change we need, I believe that, or I would have stayed on the Rez in Paddle.

Why Are We Losing?

Ryan with more words Jews must heed

Mis-taken Identity

The result of granting legitimacy to the entire “Palestinian narrative” is the perpetuation of war.


Ryan has a crucial message for us Jews

WATCH: What Do Chinese People Think Of The Jews?

Do you think they have a good impression of Jews?

Arabs Are Fighting The Wrong Fight

“the Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the Jews” - No, they’re not. #EndOfTheGreenLine

Reader Post: Blood Libels – From Murdering Jews to Boycotting Israel

Reader Trevor takes on the latest blood libel

WATCH: Ryan Bellerose On The Indigenous Rights Of The Jewish People

Our own Ryan with an important talk

The Tallest Tree

“If you are going to be the tallest tree, you have to be so tall that they are afraid to try to cut you down"

Is Miley Cyrustein Showing Solidarity with the Jews?

You would think so from all the hate-comments she's getting from the pro-palestinians on Instagram

Responding To Some Antisemitic Monkey Business

Where I rebut claims of Sudanese journalist Mus'ab Al-Mosharraf that macaque monkeys are descended from the Jews

Jews Who Aren’t Really Jewish Enough For Jew Haters

They admit that Israel is the land of the Jews, that the Jews are indigenous.

Short Film: The World Stayed Silent

This time it's Iran. Will the world stay silent again?
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