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Friday Morning Big Bowl of Nutty

Photo taken from a protest outside the recent Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in New Orleans.

Jews Must Never Be Dhimmis Again – Why Can’t We Say It?

Jews must never be Dhimmis again and it would be nice if a leader of Israel would actually speak the true reason why we're not going to be a minority in a Muslim country again. What have we got to lose, the whole Muslim world hates us anyway*?
Adnan Oktar

She’s No Infidel, She’s My Wife!

Turkish author Adnan Oktar speaks of the glory days ahead.
Oliver Stone

The Gall of Stone

Look who's been hanging out with Mel Gibson.
monkey israel

You Have To Be Willfully Blind..

...not to see that those who hate Israel really hate Jews.

An Inconvenient Truth

It looks like Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider was the victim of his own bad driving and not the Zionist Electromagnetic Weapon of DeathTM...

Lights Out for Darth Haider

I guess he veered too far to the right. Austrian politician Joerg Haider, whose far-right rhetoric in the 1990s was denounced as sympathetic to the...
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