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Why I Call BS On US Claims “Gang-Up On Israel” Meeting Never Took Place

Here is why I think they are lying

Obama and Kerry’s Hypocrisy Burns Brightly

The hypocrisy of these two men could not be more apparent

John Kerry Disgraces Himself At Saban Forum

Focusing on supposed Israeli "misdeeds" - and saying things which are not true

Separated At Birth: ‘You Rang?’ Edition

They're creepy and they're kooky.

That’s A Hell Of A Bigoted Opinion You Got There Kerry

Remember that time when John Kerry made snide remarks about casualties caused by his own armed forces? No, me either.

WATCH: Lurch Kerry’s Greatest Hit

This happened
US Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen speaking for Israel in US committeevideo

WATCH: Assistant Secretary To John Kerry Delivers Pathetic Answer To Veto Question

Yes or no, will US veto a UN resolution Imposed on Israel?

Obama, Kerry, The AP, And The Two-State Solution

As long as everyone from the President of the US to the AP keeps telling Abbas that if he doesn't agree to a two-state solution, Israel will somehow collapse, why in the world would he ever agree?

Can You Decipher Lurch’s Handwriting?

The latest mess he's created here

Reader Post: Foreign Journalists and Their Hand in Israeli Siege Mentality

Reader Ari takes to task those making the situation here worse for everyone


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