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Important Information About Iran Deal Side Effects

The writer and director of Airplane! has some things he wants you to know

Great News! No Need To Worry About An Iranian Nuke

Iran's Foreign Ministry issued an explosive statement this week demonstrating that everybody got it wrong about the Iran deal. Zion Mike explains and throws in a new cartoon to boot.

ICYMI: Recent Must-Reads On Iran

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has written and published a book describing his plan to eradicate Israel; Kerry still clueless

Will John Kerry Once Again Blame The Jews If He Fails?

We already know the answer

The More We Know About Iran Deal, The Worse It Gets

Will US know-how and training help Iran launch an attack on American or Israeli facilities?

John Kerry Comes Up With New And Even More Stupid Reason To Support Iran...

and Representative Peter King tells Kerry what he thinks of it

WATCH: Wendy Sherman: Of Shnitzel and Peace In Our Time

Another video gets the Israellycool treatment

Are Iranian Talks Just a Crutch?

Are the headline writers for real, or making fun?

Caption This: Elephant In The Room Edition

Winning entry wins a packet of peanuts

The Bizarro World Of The US State Department

The insanity continues

Jen Psaki: Kerry Has Made Dozens Of CALLS On Israel’s Behalf

Israel should be GRATEFUL that Sec. Kerry has made simply DOZENS of calls on its behalf!

Lamenting The Loss Of The Wisdom And Vision To Behead Women In Public

John Kerry makes me feel ill. Again.

With Friends Like This

Lurch looks awkward

It’s A Hell Of A Pinpoint Nose Shwacking Operation

"First of all, we don't have the ability to -- to count every nose that we shwack"
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