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Bibi Gives Kerry The Stink Eye

Bibi’s pissed off and he’s not being shy about it.

John Kerry’s Harm Offensive

US Secretary of State John Kerry has taken off the gloves and really ripped into the Israeli government and Israelis for not seeming to be serious about peace

John Kerry Agrees That The ‘Peace Process’ Is A Farce

"A Bad Deal Is Worse Than No Deal" - John Kerry and the Obama administration finally get one right…right?

Statement From Bereaved Families For Peace and Justice

“I am not worried! I will not be in jail for long. I will be out shortly and will go back to killing Jews.”

John Kerry You Revolt Me

Secretary of State for the United States can't tell the difference between murderous terroists and Bostonians who went to cheer their family across the finish line of a marathon armed only with enthusiasm and joy.

How NOT To Respond To Allegations Of Antisemitism

Your teacher today is Samira Ibrahim

Better Off Ted

For those who think Ted Williams seemed to come out of nowhere.
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The Day In Israel: Tues Nov 9th, 2010

The PA is upset, this time over a meeting between the Shin Bet and some Hamasholes and Islamic Jihadniks.
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