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Ayala Shapiro, The Town Of Speyer, And Building Homes For Jews

Ayala Shapiro has illustrious and tragic Jewish history behind her surname and her freedom to build a home should not depend on Arab terror.

Joe’s World: Freedom vs Justice

I acknowledge apartheid exists (in the "West Bank")

Inside The Trojan Horse: Unlimited Jewish Ignorance

Ryan Bellerose exposes the duplicity of a Trojan Horse that bashes Israel from within.

I Wish I Didn’t Need To Say #BringBackOurBoys

The story of a hashtag I wish we didn’t have to use.

Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

What do you think happens when you build your home in an army live fire training zone?

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Occupation

A home was razed in Yitzhar today. Someone decided that building a home is a warlike act.

Yahud: The Arabic Word For Jews

The Arabic word for "Jews" gives lie to the myth of Jewish occupation in Judea.

Supporting The Good Guys: Boutique Katom

Boutique Katom is an artful answer to those who would boycott Israel.

Proud To Be Associated With The IDF

I have huge respect for the men and women of the IDF placed in these terribly difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Loafers On The Ground

You will never understand what the "occupation of the West Bank"* looks like till you go there. Judea & Samaria are the biblical heart of Israel.

Something You Don’t Know About Itamar

Hill of the World!

Apartheid Burger Please: Can I Have Some Israeli Law With That?

My law is better than your law.

Why You Shouldn’t Call It The West Bank

Glenn Beck on the West Bank
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