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The Intoxicatingly Beautiful Judean Desert

You have to see this to believe it.

Guest Post (Daniel Borg): I Partied Till I Loved Israel

I can't deny that Jews are amazing, and especially the people in the only Jewish state

It’s Good To Say Thank You

I just called the police.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): No Genocide Here

Kay Wilson is looking for signs of genocide in Bethlehem. She can’t find any.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Tells TED What It’s Like To Be Stabbed

You need to watch all of this.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Going to McDonalds Doesn’t Turn Me Into a Hamburger

Terror victim and passionate Israel advocate Kay Wilson has something to get off her chest

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): The Jew And The Arab Working Together Against Incitement

"Yip, it was me, me, a terror victim, stabbed 13 times by Palestinians, who hid this Arab teenager in my house for nearly a month while Arabs were threatening his life."

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Some Thoughts On The Sydney Siege

I did not read that it was a "seeming" or "apparent," attack.

Israeli Security Services Abort Prayed For Palestinian Baby Boom #HowAPWouldReport

#HowAPWouldReport Except AP didn’t even report a pregnant suicide bomb attempt.

Reader Post: The Same Radical Ideology

Terror attack survivor Kay Wilson reacts to today's terror attack

Photo Of The Day: Interfaith Dialogue Edition

A heartwarming photo

Showing His True Colors: White-Named, Black-Hearted

Israel hater White shows his true colors

Kay Wilson Says No To Jihad Of St James

The writing on the wall by Kay Wilson: "St James - No to Jihad. Justice for Christians Israel + All people"
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