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WATCH LIVE: UNHRC UN Human Wrongs Council

A live feed from Geneva. If you’ve got the stomach for it.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Talks To Dennis Prager

An amazing, uplifting and at times, horrific, chat.

The Intoxicatingly Beautiful Judean Desert

You have to see this to believe it.

Guest Post (Daniel Borg): I Partied Till I Loved Israel

I can't deny that Jews are amazing, and especially the people in the only Jewish state

It’s Good To Say Thank You

I just called the police.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): No Genocide Here

Kay Wilson is looking for signs of genocide in Bethlehem. She can’t find any.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Tells TED What It’s Like To Be Stabbed

You need to watch all of this.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Going to McDonalds Doesn’t Turn Me Into a Hamburger

Terror victim and passionate Israel advocate Kay Wilson has something to get off her chest

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): The Jew And The Arab Working Together Against Incitement

"Yip, it was me, me, a terror victim, stabbed 13 times by Palestinians, who hid this Arab teenager in my house for nearly a month while Arabs were threatening his life."

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Some Thoughts On The Sydney Siege

I did not read that it was a "seeming" or "apparent," attack.

Israeli Security Services Abort Prayed For Palestinian Baby Boom #HowAPWouldReport

#HowAPWouldReport Except AP didn’t even report a pregnant suicide bomb attempt.

Reader Post: The Same Radical Ideology

Terror attack survivor Kay Wilson reacts to today's terror attack


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