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Hamas In The West Bank

Gaza is the only one that has new weapons

Israel’s First Lady Impersonates Another First Lady

So you knew this was coming

Say My Name, Say My Name

I’m not sure it’s a bad thing if the US State Department can’t name a kidnapped Israeli/American kid after 6 days.

Fatah Supports The Kidnapping Of Israeli Teens

Fatah, our peace partners, are just as bad as Hamas and Islamic Jihad

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child Who Celebrates The Kidnapping Of Children

A morally bankrupt society doesn't just happen. It's created by generations of poison deliberately pumped into the impressionable minds of its children.

Press TV Cage Fight: Gilad Atzmon vs Lee Kaplan

That’s quite a venue to step into and talk sense: but can that audience be swayed?

The Consequences Of Mohammad Zoabi Speaking

Totally shocking news from the Israeli Police in Nazareth - UPDATED

Latest Blatant Lies Of The Israel Haters

It is no secret the Israel-hating brigade resort to lies in order to demonize us. The current situation with our kidnapped boys is no exception.

B’Tselem’s Pathetic Press Release

B’Tselem have published a call for the release of the three Israeli teenagers

It’s Unimaginable What The Parents Are Going Through

Naftali’s mother speaks and Netanyahu makes a statement about the missing boys

Tale Of Two Reactions #ThreeShalits And #BringBackOurBoys

Our old friend, the R4BIA symbol is getting a makeover

CNN Goes There. All. The. Frigging. Time.

CNN goes there and pretends there's not really a kidnapping. #BringBackOurBoys #Kidnapping


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