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Stephen Harper Does The Knesset (Updated With Video)

And what a glorious speech it was
picture Sharon funeral, image Ariel Sharon funeral. photo Sharon lying in state, photo Knesset

Farewell to Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem

Israeli Knesset gates were opened late to allow the public to say farewell to Ariel Sharon
image snow in Jerusalem, picture Jerusalem snow, photo snow Isarel

Photo of the Day: SNOW Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel covered in white stuff, snowing and sticking

MK Gets Caught Crushing In The Knesset

Member of the Knesset Meir Sheetrit seems to have a thing for Candy Crush.
two horses with police riders,

Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance went from Independence Park to Rose Garden

Mr Brian Goes To Parliament (Knesset)

Better Place owners organised, mostly via Facebook and the new Electric Vehicle lobby group we've formed, to make sure owners showed up. We asked for 10 and I believe we had more than 15.

The Simpsons Guide To The Israeli Elections

The main candidates in the upcoming Israeli elections, if they were characters from The Simpsons

Azmi Bishara: “There Is No Palestinian Nation”

Old interview with fifth coloumn Bishara exposes what everyone already knew.

Anti-Israel Folk: Put This In Your Hookah And Smoke It

Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Arabs of Death.TM

“The Arab Hitler in The Knesset”

That is how former palestinian-terrorist-cum-Israel-supporter Walid Shoebat refers to Israeli Arab MK Ibrahim Sarsur

Special Announcement

I have something to tell you.

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2010

During talks yesterday in Brussels, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband demanded full cooperation from Israel with a British inquiry into the use of bogus...

Separated At Birth: Happy Campers Edition

Clearly, Israeli MPs Ehud Barak and Binyamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu look nothing alike. Most of the time.


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