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“Activist” Joe Catron Asks Hizbullah’s Nasrallah To Strike Tel Aviv

Another "peace activist" shows what "peace" to them looks like

Joe’s World: Miss Israel’s “Photobomb”

An emergency meeting at the UN has been called to deal with this provocation

Miss Egypt Posed With Miss Israel. And Liked It

THIS is what Miss Universe is all about. Well, that and women posing in skimpy bathing suits

Miss Lebanon Throws Miss Israel Under Abbas

I couldn't resist

Miss Lebanon Throws Miss Israel Under The Bus

Old and busted: Claims Israel bombed Lebanon. New hotness: Claims Miss Israel photobombed Miss Lebanon

Zionist Barn Owl Of DeathTM

Mossad Ornithology Division lost another agent.

AFP Really Needs To Get A Clue-Ney

The Onion called and wants its story back

Surreal Video Of The Day: Lebanese TV Mocking Suicide Bombers

The Lebanese do comedy. Go figure.

Where Roger Waters Likes To Eat

Clue: not a kosher deli
image Pat Farmer, photo runners, picture marathon runner Jerusalem

Peace Run Down Pat

Running for peace, finding some roads not open

Another Zionist Feathered Agent Of Death™

Brian: Oh, no, no, the point is: the birds, they do all right, don't they?

Avraham Tsfati, An Instructive Story

What we can learn from the story of "Jewish peace activist" Avraham Tsfati, who tried to assassinate David ben Gurion


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