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Mugged By History In London

Why is the British Museum rewriting history, deleting Jewish national presence from the Land of Israel?

The Mean Streets Of London Town

Jew hatred on London’s streets but nobody called the police.

Watch: Protests On The Streets Of London (Updated)

They were not mourning the death of fellow Muslim Muadh al-Kasasbeh, the Jordanian pilot murdered by IS.

Picture Of The Day: Building Lego Bridges

This Lego version of London’s Tower Bridge caught my eye.

An Indian Shopkeeper In London

Support will come from people who don’t watch or trust the BBC as their main source of news.

Don’t Punish London’s Jews

What do you think of these signs?

Wheels Should Come Off The Tricycle Theatre

More news from London which is now feeling like 1930’s Berlin.

Brian Speaks To London

Warning shots, bomb shelters and giving Hamas terrorists a free shot at our children. Brian speaks on the radio.

Large Pro-Israel Rally In Kensington London

Huge support from London baby!

What Would Jesus Do?

Feed the hungry or make an evil political statement that attacks Israel and the Jews?

This Wall Saves Lives

It appears they have encouraged people to come along and write suitable graffiti messages on their wall.

Jihad In Occupied East London

Parts of East London are now Muslim lands and you, my British friends, are occupiers in your own lands too.

Better Place Ambassador Brian

In what I think is a first for me, my twittering and blogging scored me an invite to an international conference


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