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Lorde’s Decision to Boycott Israel Seems to Have Really Hurt….Lorde

According to well-known American film critic and entertainment news journalist Roger Friedman, Lorde's upcoming US tour is a royal bust, thanks to her BDS-holing

WATCH: Lorde Heckled By Pro-Israel Audience Member

During last night’s Ally Coalition Talent Show, Lorde told the audience how nice they were. That was the cue for a pro-Israel heckler in the audience.

Israel-Hating Artists Pen Letter in Defense of Lorde’s Right to be a Hypocrite

The usual suspects, as well as some you may not have been aware were also standing on the wrong side of history

Roger Waters Praises ‘Shirley Temper’ and Lorde As “Courageous Young Women”

Roger Waters confirms what we already know about him -and none of it is good

Reader Post: Oh Lorde! Listening to the BDS Music

Reader Kate fisks the letter that apparently triggered Lorde to cancel her Israel concert

A Letter to Lorde From an Israeli Fan

Laura Ben-David has something she wants to say to Lorde
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