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You Don’t Say

Ha'aretz reports: The Arab peace plan could be Israel's last chance to live in a "sea of peace" and should not be squandered, Palestinian Authority...

Today’s Jerusalem Post Caption Blunder

..or is it more a commentary on Bibi's new approach?

Islamic Jihad Raring to Go

Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad is not happy with the so-called ceasefire with Israel. You see, slowing down the killing of Jews is really not...

When Olmert Met Abbas: A Duck’s Tale

Today, lame duck Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met if-it-walks-like-a-duck-and-talks-like-a-duck PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday pledged at a meeting with...

Bird Love

Former Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Ali (L) speaks with a smiling Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas as white pigeons are released at the Palestinian...

Quote of the Day

"There will be no peace without the release of all Palestinians imprisoned in Israel." - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Funny, because I don't recall the...

One Conference, Two Photos

Is it just me, or are very different subliminal messages being applied to palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak? (Thanks to...

Caption Time: Abbas and the Giant Woman

She's back.. Abbas: "Help."

Palestinian Teamwork

With the palestinians at each other's throats (let alone ours), it is good to see that palestinians affiliated with their moderate leader Mahmoud Abbas...

Another Failed Palestinian Resignation Attempt?

Yesterday, it was reported that PA President Mahmoud Abbas had threatened to resign if he does not reach a peace settlement with Israel by...

Does Mahmud Smile?

Another post in the series

Does Mahmud Smile?

Can you guess whether or not Mahmud Abbas smiles in a certain situation?


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