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Why Was The UK’s Labour Party Shadow Foreign Minister Even At Abbas’s Jew-Hating Speech?

The UK Labour Party, if elected, will try to destroy Jewish Israel. They’ll fail. But they might destroy the UK in the process.

PA Blames Mahmoud Abbas’ Antisemitic Remarks on Jews

With more and more people condemning Mahmoud Abbas' antisemitic remarks, the palestinians have gone into damage control mode. Which apparently means scraping the bottom of the excuse barrel.

WATCH: Mahmoud Abbas’ Antisemitic Rant

I posted about it yesterday. Now you can see it for yourself - our peace partner getting his Jew hatred on.

“Peace Partner” Mahmoud Abbas Goes Full Antisemite

Because you can't keep a good Holocaust denier down.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Advisor Tries to Explain Away His “Son of a Dog” Comment

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has called US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, a “son of a dog.” Abbas' advisor has tried to mitigate the comment, in laughable fashion

Separated at Birth: Grumpy Edition

It was only a matter of time before I made the connection between these two

Abbas Vows Not To End His Treacherous Life As a Traitor

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has reportedly told his fellow Fatah-niks that he does not intend to end his life as a traitor. In other words, he does not intend to sign a peace deal with Israel.

That Time Mahmoud Abbas Changed His Story About the Palestinian Refugees

We already know that PA President Mahmoud Abbas loves to change the palestinian narrative he puts forward. And I've found another example, this time regarding the palestinian refugees

Report: Mahmoud Abbas Receiving Medical Treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital

According to a source, Abbas is receiving medical treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Latest Insane Speech

Earlier today, PA president Mahmoud Abbas addressed the UN General Assembly. And like his recent speeches, he was brazen in stating the most ridiculous and insane things as truths
image M Abbas on screen talking of Israel ethnic cleaning Jerusalem

The Future Belongs To Us

29-year-old Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal did not die yesterday. He did not pass from this world in peace. He did not drift into an eternal blissful sleep. He was murdered. Savagely

Revisiting That Delightful Abbas “Palestine Post” Fail

Remember this now iconic photo of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas giving Saudi King Salman a copy of the Palestine Post? It turns out this was even more of a fail than I first thought

Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog’s Misreading of the Situation

When the palestinians are on the political ropes, we have some of our own leaders undermining our position, wanting to pick them up off the canvas


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