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image M Abbas on screen talking of Israel ethnic cleaning Jerusalem

The Future Belongs To Us

29-year-old Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal did not die yesterday. He did not pass from this world in peace. He did not drift into an eternal blissful sleep. He was murdered. Savagely

Revisiting That Delightful Abbas “Palestine Post” Fail

Remember this now iconic photo of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas giving Saudi King Salman a copy of the Palestine Post? It turns out this was even more of a fail than I first thought

Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog’s Misreading of the Situation

When the palestinians are on the political ropes, we have some of our own leaders undermining our position, wanting to pick them up off the canvas

WATCH: Nikki Haley Rips Mahmoud Abbas

Nikki Haley does it again. 8 minutes. Each one worth listening to.

PA Purchases $50 Million Private Jet for Mahmoud Abbas

Israel's Channel 2 reports that the PA has purchased a private jet for its president Mahmoud Abbas, all while asking for aid from the Europeans

Report: John Kerry Told Abbas “Hold On and Be Strong”; Instructed Him to Attack...

Like Jimmy Carter, John Kerry seems to be proving himself to be as much of a nuisance out of office as he was in it. 

Spot the Difference

European High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini meets two politicians. The difference between the two seems stark

The Most Insane Parts of Mahmoud Abbas’ Recent Speech

Where I fisk the most insane parts of his speech

Guest Post: Trading ‘67 for ‘48: Why Abu Mazen’s Tantrum Matters

The head of the Palestinian Authority has finally lost it

Mahmoud Abbas: Antisemitism Poster Series

Mem'ing Mahmoud

Mahmoud Abbas’ Latest Abhorrent Claims

Our "peace partner" at it again


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