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Contradictions in Palestinian Accounts of Death of Razan Najjar

While the IDF is investigating how she died, I have a number of questions based on what the palestinians are disseminating.

WATCH: Ripping Roger Waters for His Latest Gaza “March of Return” Lie

Rock'n'roll BDS-hole just can't help himself. Nearly every word that comes out his mouth is a lie.

The Daily Times of Pakistan Blames Israel for Death of Baby That Even Hamas...

Two competing claims: death due to a pre-existing condition vs death due to tear gas inhalation, yet the AFP goes with alternative two, the one that blames Israel

LISTEN: South African Radio and TV Personality Gareth Cliff Defends Israel

Last week, Gareth Cliff discussed the palestinian "march of return" and the resultant casualties from the riots. His comments are right on point.

WATCH: Responding to Linda Sarsour’s Latest Propaganda Video About Gaza

Now This has come out with a propaganda video of Israel hating faux feminist Linda Sarsour doing what she does best: lie. This is my response.

Was Tarek Loubani’s Entire Story a Sham?

Some things really do not add up about his story

Busted! Palestinian “Medic” Killed Was a Hamas Terrorist

Another Hamas terrorist exposed

Make Peace, Not War?

Reader Pam writes what Israel is experiencing right now is an act of war

The Disturbing Image That Sums It Up

This sums up the depravity of the palestinian side, willing to sacrifice their own children or at least put them in harm's way for the propaganda value

Avengers Writer-Director Joss Whedon Can’t Distinguish Between Good And Evil

Whedon deals a lot with superheros and villains. Yet, I have just discovered he cannot even distinguish between good and evil

In The Name of Journalism

Today we are witnessing another blood libel - from journalists not only in the Arab world, but also in the West.

Senior Hamas Official Admits At Least 50 of Those Killed On Monday Were Hamas...

Senior Hamas-hole Salah Bardawil seems to have a big mouth. Or he figures we do not bother looking at the Arabic. Or he is just stupid.

MUST LISTEN: Steve Price & Andrew Bolt Defend Israel, Rip The Israel Haters &...

Steve and Andrew deal with some "anti-Zionist" callers (and some of whom are clearly antisemitic)

MUST WATCH: Andrew Bolt: What Those Criticizing Israel Are Really Saying is ‘Let’s Have...

With all the bad press and news, I find it heartening listening to those who actually get it.


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