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More Palestinian Child Abuse

Shame on the parents and enablers!

The Times Cannot Go Cold Turkey From Bashing Israel

The Times has found something else to blame on Israel: Gazans having to go cold Turkey from a popular drug
security blocking Jerusalem traffic

Photo Essay: “Hell” In Jerusalem This Passover

Passover crowds, streets shut and I was back where I had started.
Arab girls sitting at Knesset ceremony

Where Are We Now?

Where were we today?
Arab MKs at President's house

Photo of Day: Joint List Reps Walk

Joint List Arab Mks walk - the red carpet
Muslim amn and woman sit in Teddy Park Jerusalem

Dear UN: New Photos of Real Arab Girls

Life in Israel may not always be as idyllic as picnic in park, but far from worse place for women

Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Marathon

Thousands participated in the Jerusalem Winner Marathon 2015

It’s Always Winter At The New York Times

Contrary to Nicholas Kristof's flawed logic, Israel cannot rid Gaza of its Hamas problem.
image Israeli supreme court Arab judge Salim Jouran

Shocking Truth About Israeli Elections: Electoral Apartheid

Who is head of Central Election Committee in charge of voting oversight

Hasbara: Why Am I Still Doing This?

For years I watched the media trash Israel with lies, half-truths and the perverse inversion of moral relativism

Kristof: Running Out Of Excuses

Kristof's explanation for the double standard to which he admits that he holds Israel doesn't hold up to scrutiny

Reader Post: NY Times Sees, Hears And Speaks No Evil

Reader Arthur has a bone to pick with the New York Times

Reader Post: AP Exclusive On Israeli House Strikes Full Of Holes

Reader Arthur responds to a one-sided AP piece

Jim Clancy Still Seeing Hasbarists Under His Bed

He's baaa-aaack - on Twitter at least - and still finding it hard to keep his Israel hate to himself
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