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Jim Clancy Still Seeing Hasbarists Under His Bed

He's baaa-aaack - on Twitter at least - and still finding it hard to keep his Israel hate to himself
jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon: Nir Barkat’s New Look

Jerusalem Marathon launch with Mayor Nir Barkat
image valley of cross in snow and fog

Jerusalem Shut Down by That Four Letter Word

Jerusalem, Israel, came to standstill this morning.

One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Can you guess which Israeli news source would downplay Palestinian terrorism?

Guest Post (Richard Behar): Israel-Hostile Associated Press Attacks Again

The latest piece of Associated Press lethal journalism is too bad to believe.

Bias With A Capital “Beth”

The AFP wastes no opportunity to bash Israel in a report about palestinians learning Hebrew

The AFP’s Bias Is Child’s Play

In a report on Gazan children joining Hamas training camps, the AFP pushes a lop-sided narrative and omits key facts
israeli soldiers


PA forces fire on their own, but Newsweek uses photo of Israeli soldiers shooting.

More Media Monkey Business

In a report on the neglect of animals at a Gazan zoo, The Daily Mails attributes the animal's predicament to the conflict

Latest Palestinian Blood Libel: Invasion Of The Child Snatchers

Yet another case of not being able to get their story straight

BBC Investigating Complaints Against Tim Willcox

Will they surprise us?

On Tuesday The Rabbi Was Bullied By The Sky News Presenter

This has to be seen to be believed

Matti Friedman’s Most Excellent Speech

Mandatory reading


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