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Mel Gibson Reportedly Hooking Up With Israeli Actress

So claims the National Enquirer

Caption This

Mel gets up close and personal

Mel Gibson’s Father Divorcing And Claiming Abuse

More bad news for antisemite Mel Gibson, with his equally antisemitic father Hutton seriously ill and set to divorce his second wife, over claims of abuse

Mel Gibson Embarks On Charm Offensive

Here he is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, joking about his latest meltdown

Rashida Jones Accurately Describes Mel Gibson

Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation accurately describes Mel Gibson to Mad Men's John Slattery

From The Department Of Uncomfortable Moments

Mel Gibson, Adrien Grunberg, the (Jewish) director and Stacy Perskie, the (Jewish) producer, for Gibson's new film Get the Gringo sit down for a Q&A session. "Hilarity" ensues.

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time

Because finding a way to use Mel Gibson to promote Israel without even having to Photoshop anything achieves a number of things

Mel, Lies And Videotape

Joe Eszterhas has hit back at Mel Gibson's claims that he lied about him, claiming he has Mel on tape

Mel Gibson Holiday Destinations: #12 Mexico

Especially around Easter

Mel Gibson Still Hating On The Jews

Late last year, I wondered whether Mel Gibson had stopped maccabeating up on the Jews, given his plans to produce a movie about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee. Wonder no more

Mel Gibson’s Maccabee Screenplay

West Wing actor Joshua Malina claims he's been sent the first page of Mel Gibson's screenplay of his forthcoming movie about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee
katy perry

He Dissed The Jews And He Liked It

The father of singer Katy Perry reportedly does a hell of a good Mel Gibson impersonation


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