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Has Mel Gibson Stopped Maccabeating Up On Jews?

Either that, or he hates Syrian-Greeks more than he hates us.

Jason Isaacs On Why His Parents Moved To Israel

You'll have to excuse me for quoting The Guardian, but it has a fascinating interview with Jewish actor Jason Isaacs, perhaps best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise.

Bar D’oh

The latest from one of our exports
mel gibson

Mel Gibson Is Not Antisemitic

He just wanted to commit suicide, "death by cop" style.
hamas cartoon

Hamas Cartoon of the Day

I'm sure Mel Gibson would heart this.

Unable to Shut Your Gob, Son

Actress Winona Ryder has revealed that Mel Gibson's antisemitism manifested itself way before the infamous "sugart*ts" incident of 2006.
Oliver Stone

The Gall of Stone

Look who's been hanging out with Mel Gibson.
Mad Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Out For “Jew Blood”

Mel Gibson has shown he is not a one-trick p(h)ony. He can show his antisemitism even when not drunk.

Mad Mel’s Latest Madness

Mel Gibson continues to show what a nice, charming man he is
mick fanning

Moron of the Day

..is two-time world surfing champion Mick Fanning, who has a hard time keeping his antisemitism bottled up inside. Especially after hitting the bottle. Two-time world champion...

Mel Gibson: As Charming As Ever

Adolph Gibson is back to his usual tricks. http://www.youtube.com/v/id4m2cv_7_8&hl=en_US&fs=1&

Mel Gibson: Still a Jerk

While promoting his new movie Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson said people should just let his drunken, anti-Semitic rant of  2006 go. "It’s said that...

Mel Gibson Feels Sorry

..for Tiger Woods. Hollywood actor Mel Gibson is baffled by the furore surrounding Tiger Woods' private life - insisting there are more important issues than...


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