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On Her Midget’s Secret Service

Mel Gibson was reportedly turned down for the role of James Bond because he is too short. Mel Gibson was turned down for the role...

Probably the Jews Fault

Mel Gibson continues to fly over the cuckoo's nest . Mel Gibson allegedly went on a "crazed rant" at his church in California. The devout Catholic...

Mel Gibson Reads Israellycool?

Aussie Dave, April 29th 2009 Mel Gibson, May 25th 2009 Who's your daddy, Mel? Actually, never mind.

Separated at Birth: Octomel Edition

I knew Mel Gibson had a thing for many kids, but he's now dating Octomum?

A Man of Principle

Because while we may be responsible for all the wars in the world, we also make for good lawyers. Gibson is using prominent divorce lawyer...

Mad Mel Kicked to the Curb

After 28 years of marriage, it looks like Mel Gibson's wife has filed for divorce. While the reasons behind his wife's filing for divorce are...

Mad Mel on Jimmy Kimmel

Besides saying "Shalom" to Gibson at 1:00 (with Gibson responding with a "Shalom" of his own), Kimmel gives Gibson a free pass regarding the...

“You Talkin’ To Me?”

The answer is "no" if your name is Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson's tentative return to the Hollywood fold hit choppy waters yesterday when it emerged...

On Her Majesty’s Anti-Semitic Service

Australian actor George Lazenby - considered to be the "Jimmy Carter" of James Bonds (i.e the worst) - might just also be the "Mel...


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