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israeli soldiers


PA forces fire on their own, but Newsweek uses photo of Israeli soldiers shooting.
image White House Deputy Spokesperson

White House Spokesperson: Taliban Not Terrorists

Taliban are not terrorists, just armed insurgents.
John Baird snow people in Davos

Photo of the Day: Davos Photo Bomb

Israeli snowman Photo Bombs Davos
image Canada Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper Takes on Jihad

Stephen Harper sounds like a true leader
large sign in Paris Square

Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Paris Fountain

Jerusalem embraces the French Nation.
image Hebrew I am Charlie

Photos of the Day: Jerusalem Supports French Jewry

Hundreds packed Jerusalem City Council Chambers to show for French

Snow in Jerusalem: Get A Room

Main road to Jerusalem, Israel to close Wednesday at midnight
image muslim prayer

2015: Year for Partnership and Friendship

Let it be a year of understanding and mutual respect
sling shot rcok thrower dressed as santa

Photo of the Day: Santa Wears a Gas Mask

Ho ho, this jolly santa not only slings rocks, but wears a gas mask
image Santa Claus figure in Old City

Photo of the Day: Santa

Imagine man with white beard attracting attention in Old City
image Indian workers in Santa hats at Jaffa Gate

Good Vibrations: India And Israel

Indian Santas march to Bethlehem
image Israeli solider and Arab man and woman

Photo of the Day: Hanukkah Sweet Service

Jerusalem bakery BDS fail
image Bassem Eid

Hamas Not a Terror Org Rules ECJ

Hamas exists to kill Jews and incite, not to help their people
image Palestinian flag in Jerusalem, Israel

Where Are We Now?

Friday when Abu Mazen called for Day of Rage.
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