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Talk Like an Ancient Egyptian

Some things never change. Ancient Egyptians gossiped about a bald queen, royals who had affairs, missing bodies, homosexuality, harem intrigue and more, according to a...

Egyptian Terror

Another terrorist atrocity in Egypt, possibly perpetrated by Al Qaeda.   Time to investigate the root causes.   Could it have been Egypt's sending of troops to...

AFP Captions You Are Not Likely To See

An Egyptian woman protests against the disengagement plan

Something Pongs

This last Olympic Games, you may recall how an Iranian Judoka made a mockery of the spirit of goodwill by refusing to compete against...

Winds of Change?

Egyptian Feminist Dr. Nawal Al-Sa'dawi has announced her candidacy for the office of President of Egypt. Question: "First of all, Dr. Nawal, there is no...

Faster Than a Speeding Camel

Meet the new Middle Eastern superheroes. A Princess of Darkness, a time-travelling pharaoh and an ancient Arabian swordsman are among the superheroes of a new comic...

What Killed Tutankhamen?

One of the world's great mysteries may yet be solved. Egypt plans to X-ray the mummy of Tutankhamen to find out what killed the king...

The Don’ts of Inventing Conspiracy Theories

Yet another Jewish conspiracy theory, courtesy of our friends at Al-Crapeeza: An Egyptian newspaper has revealed information pointing that a radical Israeli movement called authart...


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