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UK Increasing Budget For EUBAM Monitors Who Left Gaza Border In 2007

This crack team of eurocrats has been on perpetual standby for almost a decade!

Antisemitic Egyptian Inadvertently Helps Answer Question About Lack Of Arab Advancement

"Why are Arabs alone the lowliest, poorest, and least safe and advanced peoples?”

Where’s The Blood ISIS?

How do they keep their shoes so white?

After 66 Years, An Occupation Comes To An End

While some occupations are worse than others, some are not only welcomed, but requested.
Egyptian flag at Beit Hanasi

Egyptian Flag Flies in Jerusalem

The first Egyptian ambassador to Israel since 2012

WATCH: A Prayer For Peace By An Egyptian

Another message of peace

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

Lex devises her own peace plan

WATCH: Egyptian Woman – “Israel And Egypt Must Unite Against Iran!”

Iran is not just Israel's problem, and others in the Middle East recognize this fact

Quora: Are Israel And Saudi Arabia Best Buds?

Not all Quora questions about Israel are from trolls.

Zionist Water Absorbing Facilities Of Death™

An inside look at the Zionists' latest ploy.

Egypt “Executes” Russian National Anthem

Egypt's musical reception of the Russian president was a bit off-Putin.


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