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Another Great Israeli Invention But What’s With the Name?

Another day, another ingenious Israeli invention.

Balk Like an Egyptian (A Song Parody)

To the tune of Walk Like An Egyptian (as if you didn't already know that)

The Israel/Diaspora Rift: Israeli Opinions About Israel Matter More

While both diaspora and Israeli Jews often feel a deep connection with, and fondness toward, Israel, Israeli opinions on the country's affairs simply matter more

WATCH: Egyptian Judoka Refuses To Shake Hands With Israeli Opponent…Again

Three years after Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby refused to shake hands with Israeli Or Sasson after losing, another Egyptian judoka - Mohamed Abdelaal - has pulled the same shtick after losing to Israel's Sagi Muki

The Ties that Bind Us, and the Fire that Blinds Us: The Case for...

Zionists of all stripes need to stick together, because our problems are far bigger than our petty disagreements on the details.

Meet the Female Arab Head of the ER at Hadassah Hospital…in “Apartheid” Israel

Hadassah’s Shaden Salameh is the first Arab woman to head up a hospital ER in Israel

Antisemites & BDS-Holes, It is Way Past Time to Delete Your (Facebook) Accounts

Dear antisemites-not-anti-Zionists/BDS-holes, I am not sure why you have been on Facebook for this long

Antisemite & Terrorist Supporter Marc Lamont Hill Slips into Israel

While the news cycle has been preoccupied with the banning of antisemitic congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, another antisemite has slipped quietly in to Israel without fanfare.

Iranian Judo Federation Agrees to No Longer Throw Bouts To Avoid Israeli Opponents. But…

After years of Iranian judokas faking injuries and defeats in order to avoid fighting an Israeli opponent, the Iran Judo Federation has agreed with the Olympic Charter, International Judo Federation, and their non-discrimination principles

Gazan Flees Hamas and Dies of an Illness. Haters Blame it on Israel

Prominent Gazan activist Tamer Fathi al-Sultan has died overseas, and as we see so often with palestinian narratives, there are a few versions as to the cause of his death

Movie Poster: Throw Grandmomma Under the Bus

Coming soon to a theater near you

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib’s Shameful Lie-Fest

In case you missed it, congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib hosted a press conference yesterday, to speak about their banning from Israel. As expected, it was an Israel bashing-fest, replete with lies.

Feminist Gloria Steinem Refuses to Come to Israel Even Though No-one Invited Her

You know the story about the person not invited to a party who says "I refuse to go to the party"? Ok, maybe there is no such story, but here's something pretty darn close to it.


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