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Australian Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites Inadvertently Boycott One of Their Allies

Israel-haters vandalised an Israeli-owned business in Melbourne but the owner himself had protested at a pro-Palestinian rally last week
anti israel post

Libel Debunked: Israelis Tore Their Clothes To Make it Look Like They Were Attacked

Some Israel-haters have posted video, alleging it is of Israelis Jews tearing their clothes to make it look like they've been attacked
redline tinting

Is Redline Tinting (Yakima, Washington) Using Israeli Flag as a Welcome Mat?

Pictured outside Redline Tinting, a business in Yakima, Washington, which provides window tinting services.
zionist pugs dead israelis

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Proportionality

When people complain that the Israeli response is not proportionate because of fatality numbers, this is what they mean

Lebanese Media Outlet: Israeli National Anthem Promotes Terrorism

In an attempt to stoke more hatred against the Jewish state, Ya Libnan alleges Israel’s national anthem ‘Hatikvah’ promotes terrorism.
tom aharon

Israeli John Oliver’ Rips Real John Oliver Over Video Blasting Israel

Israeli comedian Tom Aharon has responded to the now infamous video of John Oliver blasting Israel for her Gaza response
wilcox cartoon

Australian Cartoonist Cathy Wilcox Illustrates Her Embarrassing Ignorance

Cartoonist Cathy Wilcox has tweeted her latest cartoon for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, showing her ignorance in the process
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Libel Debunked: Jews Threw Molotov Cocktail at Arab Home in Jaffa

Israel-haters like Middle East Eye alleged "far-right Israeli mobs" threw a molotov cocktail at the home of a 12-year-old palestinian
teddy bear rubble

The Media is Still Toying With Us on Gaza

Ever wondered how Gazan kids' toys and furniture always seem to make it out of the rubble intact, without even a hint of dust?
kirsten stewart

Israel-Haters Disseminate Fake Kristen Stewart Anti-Israel Post

You'd think the Israel-hating crowd would be extremely satisfied with the showing of celebrity support for their brain dead cause
hamas tweet

Institutionalized Gaslighting of the World’s Most Bullied Population

Israel is not perfect country, Jews are not a perfect people, but Israel is the most lied about country, and Jews the most lied about people.

Some Unexpected Messages of Support For Israel

On Reddit, people are posting heartening messages of support for Israel, including from places you might not expect.
Rockets fired at your cities

Pro-Israel Social Media Storm TODAY – #RightToSelfDefense

Dozens of pro-Israel organizations and influencers are planning an unprecedented social media storm focusing on our right to self defense
rowan dean

Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean Rips the Media and The Left On Israel

If you watch one thing today, make it this: Rowan Dean of Sky News Australia again on the right side of history
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