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Antisemite Claims Bernie Sanders ‘Was One Of Israel’s Founders’

Syrian Girl cannot handle any Jew being a Presidentiual candidate, even an anti-Israel one

WATCH: Iranian Man: “I Love You Israeli!”

I suspect this Iranian man is the rule, rather than the exception.

Turns out the ‘Church of the Nativity’ Jeopardy Clue Was Never Meant to Air

An interesting development and a question for the contestant in question

WATCH: Lionel Richie: “I Can’t Wait to Perform in Israel!”

Remember how Code Pink and others tried to pressure Lionel Richie into cancelling his upcoming concert in Israel? He ended up blocking them on Twitter. Now he's gone and done this.

“I’ll Take Jeopardy Answers to Make the Antisemites Go Wild For $500, Alex”

Naturally the haters have been going bonkers over this

Zionists Invent Way to Create Water Out of Thin Air

GENNY, the Israeli-innovated home appliance that generates water out of thin air, was named the Consumer Technology Association’s Energy Efficiency Product of the Year

Haters Falsely Claim Liverpool FC-Nike Deal as a Victory for BDS

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has welcomed Liverpool's decision (confirmed this week) to go with Nike as their kit supplier, claiming it is a victory for BDS

WATCH: The Palestinian Sheik and the ‘Settlers’

What happens when a palestinian man turns to Jewish "settlers" for help?

Attention Israel Advocates: Please Use Your Critical Thinking Skills

As someone who spends a lot of time exposing lies and falsehoods from the Israel-haters - not to mention checking the veracity of information and sources - it irks me no end when Israel advocates spread false information, albeit inadvertently.

Fake Anti-Israel Meme of the Day: The Anthony Hopkins Quote

No, Anthony Hopkins never said this

Pro-BDS Irish Politician Frances Black Disseminates Flood Libel

A few days ago, I posted about the return of the flood libel, the discredited lie the haters keep turning to every Winter there is flooding. One of the haters who has done just this is Frances Black.


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