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Kenyatta President of Kenya signs official Israeli guest book

“G-d Bless The Two Great Nations Kenya and Israel”

RealJStreets was on hand to witness Israeli President Reuven Rivlin welcome Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya

Know Your History: Arab Boycott (NY Times Dec 4, 1945)

Introducing a new series where I bring to you news from the newspaper archives to debunk common misconceptions about the Middle East conflict
tweet using Breaking the Silence

Palestinians Still Believe Crazy Things

85% of "Oslo Gen" youth get their information from social media
Sunrise view with Golda quote on arabs loving their children

Quoting Golda Meir

Remembering Golda on anniversary of her death

Reader Post: How Dean Baquet Helped Me Understand The Bias At NY Times

Where Dean Baquet, Executive Editor at the N.Y. Times, gets snarky at a reader.
image Muslim prayer on Temple Mount, picture inside Muslim prayer room, image Israel apartheid

Outlaws: Northern Branch of Islamic Movement

After years of incitement against rule of law, Northern Branch of Islamist Movement is outlawed
photo of US-Israeli peace activist killed by terrotist

Sorry AP, No Excuses For Murder

There can be no excuses for stabbing a woman in the back
Section of sign with Jerusalem population in Yemin Moshe

Jerusalem: 1840 to 2017

Jewish presence in Jerusalem over centuries
snip from video PA child bombers

Video Shows How Incitement Causes Terror

Teaching children to kill is worst form of child abuse
Israel security

Jerusalem on Alert after Terror Attacks

Israel security is on alert

Photos Sukkot in Jerusalem: Which One to Publish

Which Sukkot photo did you see?
Tsur Baher

Stones Kill: Culture of Hate

Culture of hate succeeds in dehumanizing


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