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Concerning the Prisoner Swap Deal

Yesterday, I made this observation as one of many concerning the release of Azzam Azzam: This seems like good news for those of you who,...

Hebron Through Two Lenses

Now this is interesting: TEL AVIV (AFP) - Young Palestinians and Israelis from settlements in the divided West Bank town of Hebron who would normally...

The Big Squeeze

If the Middle East conflict could be summarized by a simple picture..     The Arab states, occupying vast amounts of territory, want to deny Israel even the tiniest slither...

A Moral Army

In the past week, the media has reported a very troubling incident. I am, of course, referring to the PLO Arab girl hit by...

Quick Poem to Start the Morning

  There once was a man called Khalil Innocent Israeli civilians he would kill He got into his car Boom! Now he is tar Further proof that you don't...

Compromise – In Their Eyes

Ahmad Yassine, who claims to be "form the Palestinian village of Shajara Tiberias Gallile Palestine" (but has a UK email address) comments on this...


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