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Palestinian Parliament Building Attempting to Be The Palestinian Museum

Smashed doors, dusty tables and 12 years of unread mail -- welcome to the defunct Palestinian parliament.

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

Anti-Israel propaganda site Shehab News recently tweeted this out in order to do what they always try to do - demonize Israel and the Jewish people

Telling Piece About First Palestinian Restaurant in Manhattan

Some important details in this Ha'aretz piece

Israel Haters Claim Jesus Would Have Been a Palestinian Terrorist Had He Been Alive...

Old and busted: Jesus was a palestinian. New hotness: Jesus would lead the mujahideen in Palestine.

‘Tis the Season to Be Pally

While Israel-haters like JVP and Rashida Tlaib co-opt Chanukah to demonize Israel, some palestinians and their supporters co-opt Christmas for the very same purpose.

Palestinian Authority Body Rejects Signing of Treaty Ending Discrimination (And Violence) Against Women

Something not being reported by the mainstream media

WATCH: Palestinian Man Bemoans Treatment of Bethlehem’s Christians by Palestinian Authority

This brave palestinian man would like the world to know the truth.

Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Arabs Flaunting Their Wealth on TikTok

TikTok, time is up on the apartheid and genocide myths

Know Your History: What Gamal Abdel Nasser Said About The “West Bank” and Gaza

In February 1970, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was interviewed by James Reston of The New York Times

Human Rights/Gay Rights Groups Silent as Palestinian Villagers Go To Town on Gay Couple

A hate crime near Ramallah and the so-called rights groups are silent

The “Humiliation”

Anti-Israel Facebook page Quds News Network decries the "humiliation" of a young palestinian man.

Latest Libel: The Arrest of the Innocent, Bike-Riding Palestinian Boy

Photos of an "innocent" palestinian boy being arrested have been disseminated on social media.

Berkeley Professor’s Survey Findings Confirm Embarrassing Ignorance of Israel-Haters

Ron E. Hassner recently surveyed 230 Berkeley undergrads to find out how much students who feel strongly about the so-called "occupation" actually know about the Israeli-palestinian conflict.


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