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About The Latest Anti-Trump Peace Plan ‘Popular Uprising’

The Palestinians have announced an 'anti Trump peace plan popular uprising'. Reader Gavin explains why he is not surprised.

Libel: The Case of The Strangled Palestinian Child

On Twitter, a hater by the name of Waqar Attari makes a huge claim...and he's got the video to prove it! Or does he?

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: That Calming Feeling

Rashida Tlaib gets the cartoon treatment

Libel: The Palestinian Teacher Killed in a “Settler” Hit-And-Run

The following story has been doing the rounds on social media for the past month, being spread by antisemitic and anti-Israel scum and villainy

Libel: The Case of the Injured Palestinian Shepherd

In further proof yesterday was a day ending in 'y', the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) posted about an alleged Israeli crime

Palestinian Propaganda Site: Our Population Has Increased Ninefold Since Nakba. Damn Ethnic Cleansing &...

Palestinian propaganda site Quds News Network have published a report, clearly not comprehending just how ridiculous it sounds.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Complains That People Are Reporting Palestinian Terrorism

She did not quite word it that way, but that is basically what she is expressing with this tweet

Latest Palestinian Darwin Award Candidate

Stupid is as stupid does

Palestinian Websites Deliberately Mislead About Murder of Palestinian Boy in Belgium

A few days ago, a number of palestinian sites, like WAFA, Quds News Network, and IMEMC, reported the murder of a young palestinian child in Belgium.

Latest Libel: The Young Palestinian Cancer Patient

An anti-Israel site claims 8 year old Abdel Rahman Al Muzin died from cancer in Gaza, after the Jewish state refused to allow him travel for treatment abroad

Death of a 13-Year Palestinian Boy You Likely Won’t Read About

You may never hear about the death of 13-year-old Muhannad al-Baz.

Latest Libel: The Case of the Arresting Facebook Comment

Was a a 22-year-old palestinian woman arrested in Hebron over a Facebook comment?


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