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About the “Elderly Man” Who Palestinians Claim Died of Medical Neglect in Israeli Prison

Elderly Palestinian dies after 26 years in Israeli prison decries antisemitic rag the Electronic Intifada

Animals Australia Posts Anti-Israel Propaganda

Animals Australia, Australia's leading animal protection organisation, have for some inexplicable reason decided to post this

Fauxtography of the Day: The Palestinian Arab Girl’s Death Stare

The following photo and text was recently posted on Facebook and then elsewhere

Libel Redux: Israel Beat and Arrested a Man With Down Syndrome

In the last day, a number of Israel-haters have alleged we beat and arrest a palestinian Arab man with Down syndrome

Anti-Israel Fauxtography of the Day

Iranian official Hossein Amir-Abdollahian recently tweeted this out

Palestinians Boycott Social Media of Israeli Ministry Providing Humanitarian Aid to Them

Palestinians have launched an online campaign to boycott the social media accounts of the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

Fatah Posts Fauxtography To Commemorate ‘Nakba Day’

On Facebook, Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party posted this

Darwin Award Aspirants of the Day

Oh brother

Palestinian Propagandist Deletes Fauxtography After Getting Caught; Replaces It With More Fauxtography

A tweeter called Marian Ghnem decides to try their luck again

Palestinian Propaganda Fail of the Day

You have to love the Palestinian Information Center's lack of self awareness.

Saudi Tweeter Discovers She’s Been Hoodwinked By False ‘Palestine’ Narrative

A Saudi woman has tweeted out her findings after deciding to see how things are in "Palestine" by looking at Instagram accounts of those living in the palestinian-controlled territories.

Hamas Crackpots Accuse Israel of Promoting Crack and Pot to Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Those crazy kids over at Hamas are at it again, this time accusing us of promoting drugs to palestinian Arabs in Lebanese refugee camps.


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