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Palestinian Prisoner Idiocy of the Day

Remember how I posted about the genius palestinian prisoners who protested cellphone jamming devices they said were bad for their health...by refusing food and medication? Palestinian prisoners at another prison may have one-upped their dumbassery.

Another Terror Attack And Palestinians Celebrate

This morning, one Israeli was murdered and two others were injured in two terror attacks outside Ariel

Palestinian Prisoner Idiocy of the Day

How palestinian prisoners have reacted to the installation of cell phone jamming devices

Another Libel? The Case of the Fire Truck Delay

I believe this is yet another pernicious lie

A Tale of Two Selfies (Poster)

I could not resist, following Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft's “selfie”

UNRWA Accepts Money From Poverty-Stricken Afghanistan

Afghanistan has provided one million U.S. dollars in aid to UNRWA

WATCH: The UNHRC’s Report on Gaza March of Return (For Dummies)

Following yesterday's release of the latest UN Human Rights Council report on Israel and the palestinian Arabs, I realize not everyone has the patience to read the report or even my analysis. So I thought I would make things easier for you.

The 2019 Pallywood Oscars

What the world is really lacking are an Oscars Awards for the palestinians, which is a travesty of justice given some of the amazing performances we have seen

Libel of the Day: Life’s a Drag for Palestinians Edition

Palestinian propaganda Facebook page Quds News Network is justifying terrorism, using this photo of Israeli soldiers dragging a poor palestinian to hammer home the point

Latest Libel: Israel Hid 300,000 Documents About Massacres Against Palestinians

Yet another libel, this time helped along its way by Jihad Jenny

WATCH: Palestinian Mummy Dearest

Meet the palestinian Arab mother who is proud of her butcher son. And by butcher, I mean vile terrorist, attempted murderer.

Peace Off The Rails As Palestinians Reject Yet Another Offer To Help Them

The palestinian Arab attitude epitomized in one story

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: My Funny Valentine Edition

Yesterday was Valentines Day. Otherwise known to the palestinians as "Another Great Opportunity to Co-opt Something for Propaganda Purposes."


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