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How Sweet It Is! Israel Haters Caught Lying Yet Again

Where I catch the haters lying again

How Rashida Tlaib Views Terrorists

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib sees pizza parlor suicide bombers as "human rights advocates." I thought I would speculate as to how she see others

Haters Seethe as Jake Tapper Rips Arab World and Palestinian Leaders for Hate Speech...

CNN's Jake Tapper has compared the hate speech of towards Israelis coming from the Arab world and palestinians with that of White supremacists in the US.

The East Jerusalem Lawyer Who Preferred Shooting Up Jews Over Preparing Briefs

The Ofer Military Court on Tuesday sentenced an East Jerusalem lawyer to 13.5 years in jail over four shooting attacks against Israelis

Those Bellyaching Hamas Leaders

Notice anything about these delegations of Hamas leaders?

Palestinian Toys Will Inherit the Earth

You know how there's a belief that cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust? For those who believe palestinian propaganda, forget the cockroaches. It's palestinian toys

Palestinian Protester of the Day: Underwear Manᵀᴹ

A new violent character has emerged

Success! Weather+ App Fixes “Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory” Bug

Follow-up to yesterday's post about the Weather+ app's characterization of Jerusalem

Palestinians Heart Bahraini Society’s “Cleaning Of Zionist Filth”

The party of our palestinian "peace partner" and others once again show their true colors

‘Peak Palestinian’ Reaction to Bahrain “Peace to Prosperity” Workshop

This reaction to the Bahrain "Peace to Prosperity" workshop to discuss Trump's "Deal of the Century" is peak palestinian

The Israeli “Apartheid” Even Reuters Cannot Ignore

This represents great news for palestinians and terrible news for Israel haters

Palestinians Bring Meaning to Expression “Using It As a Crutch”

Some good old fashioned palestinian propaganda...and innovation

Heartwarming Scenes of Coexistence…Unless You Are the Palestinian Leadership

Heartwarming scenes..unless you are the PA


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