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Peace and Calm

Serenity now! (insanity later..) (Photo courtesy of AP)

In Harm’s Way

Not only do the PLO Arab terrorists show no regard for the lives of Israeli children, but they also show no regard for the...

Getting More Absurd

Once again, Afatrat has rejected Qurei's retraction of his initial acceptance of Arafat's rejection of his initial resignation. Got it?

Hard to Follow

There are reports that PLO Arab puppet minister Qurei has retracted his initial acceptance of Arafat's rejection of his resignation...or something like that. Update: Perhaps...

Terror Supporting Puppet

The Jerusalem Post reports: Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei warned Israel that its air strike would invite a response from Hamas, adding that any...


Ha'aretz reports: Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip promised Sunday to set up a mechanism to compensate homeless Palestinians, after masked gunmen briefly occupied the...

Teething Problems

Looks like someone might have a toothache (Reuters).     Any (good) dentist will tell you that the best way to extract the tooth would be with an...

Look Who’s Smoking

  Doesn't he know that smoking will kill him...if the IDF does not (hopefully) get him first.   Update: He's not the only smoker you would not...

Compromise – In Their Eyes

Ahmad Yassine, who claims to be "form the Palestinian village of Shajara Tiberias Gallile Palestine" (but has a UK email address) comments on this...

Not Very Well Adjusted

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat adjusts his traditional headdress during a PLO executive committee meeting at his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah,...


Have you ever wondered why women seem to crave chocolate more than men? I did, and I think I stumbled on to the answer: Why...


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