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From Jeddah To Jedi: Faisal and the Force

This is just too funny

Saudi Arabia Arrests Woman in Miniskirt, And It’s Somehow All About Israel

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein never misses an opportunity to make everything about Israel

Some Hidden Messages In Trump’s Speech To Leaders Of Numerous Islamic States

Brian's observations on President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia

Trump And The Mysterious Glowing Orb

You won't believe what happened next

Saudi Arabia – The World’s New Feminist Superpower?

The rights of women have rarely been in better hands

What Lebanese Diva Myriam Fares Did To Anger Saudis

Lebanese singer and entertainer Myriam Fares has landed herself in hot water

Saudi Arabia Launches Media Campaign To Combat Antisemitism

Now we just need to see these attitudes filtering down

The Saudi Peace Plan Is Not About Peace

A peace plan that does not lead to peace is not a peace plan at all

Humungus Fail Of The Day: Abbas’ Zionist Gift To Saudi King

Mahmoud Abbas clearly does not know his history

Taking Pictures With What?

Not with cats, not with dogs, not with a mouse, not with a house.


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