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Taking Pictures With What?

Not with cats, not with dogs, not with a mouse, not with a house.

After 66 Years, An Occupation Comes To An End

While some occupations are worse than others, some are not only welcomed, but requested.

Reader Post: The Sunni/Shi’a Fata Morgana

We are seeing a Muslim clash that's been going on since the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD

World Is Silent On Four Captive Saudi Princesses

The four women have not been heard from since the death of their father, King Abdullah

Explosive Revelations About UNHRC From UN Watch

UN Watch claims Saudi Arabia trades votes to obtain its seat on the UNHRC

MUST WATCH: Punking The Saudis, Gaylord Style

Fresh from punking the Iranian Foreign Minister, David Keyes sets his sights on the homosexual torturing Saudis

Photo Of The Day

Notice anything weird about this photo?

Saudi Pick-Up Lines

The Muslim News reports on the phenomenom of "flirtatious taxi drivers get on women’s nerves." And with pick-up lines like this, it's no wonder...

Grand Mufti of Hate

Saudi Arabia's grand mufti and ZZ Top impersonator Abdelaziz al-Sheikh doesn't think the Saudi government's idea to invite Jews to a conference on interreligious...

Saudi Marries Off His Daughter, 15, to a Murderer

An unbelievably sick story out of Saudi Arabia, reported impassively by Arab News: RIYADH, 18 March 2008 — Muhammad Al-Zahrani, a convicted murderer, was executed...

Finding Niemöller

First they came for men who dig camels, but I prefer my partners with less humps so I did not speak out. Then they came...

The Stupidity of the “Smarter Bombs”

Reuters reports: The United States has agreed in principle to provide Israel with better "smart bombs" than those it plans to sell Saudi Arabia under...

Saudi Arabia Doesn’t Consider Palestinian Arabs a Good Investment

The Independent (UK) notes: Saudi Arabia has so far refused to commit to budget support for the emergency government set up by the Palestinian President...


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