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Know Your History: ‘Same Arab Race’ in Syria and Palestine (NY Times Sept 1,...

More proof there was no separate “palestinian” identity, and that the Arabs in the area considered themselves part of Syria.

WATCH: Documentary on Syrians Being Treated in Israeli Hospitals

This is a must-see if you want to understand just how Israel is helping Syrian civilians

To Right the Un-right-able Wrongs

Is it our responsibility to fight evil? To challenge that which is wrong...even if there is no real chance of success?

How Times Of Israel Fed ISIS Is Israel Conspiracy Nonsense

Islamic State are not under the control of Israel and Times of Israel should know better than feeding those claims

Cruelty To The Kind And Kindness To The Cruel – A Modern Catastrophe

Hear no evil, see no evil panders to cruelty. Humans are obligated to differentiate good from evil.

Israel Haters’ Reactions To Syrian Gas Attack On Civilians Speak Volumes

This should tell you all you need to know about these people

Haters Having Hard Time Dealing With News Israel To Take In Orphan Syrian Child...

Yet another humanitarian gesture by Israel

Where Even Reuters Can’t Deny How Israel Is Helping Syrian Wounded

Bonus: Even Luke Baker tweeted it

Israel Trying To Find Ways To Bring In Injured Civilians From Syria

Even an anti-Israel website is reporting it

Israelis Trying Desperately To Help Syrians

We are somehow finding ways to help where we can.

WATCH: Israeli Journalist Lucy Aharish Rips World For Inaction On Syria

Israeli-Arab journalist Lucy Aharish speaks out against the world for doing nothing about Syria

Educational Video Hands Israel Over To Syria (Updated)

It seems Wendover would like us all to...bend over


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