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Is Electronic Intifada Imploding?

They are under attack by fellow Israel haters

Jeremy Corbyn’s Trip To Assad With Jihad Jenny And Antisemitic Group

More revelations confirming that Corbyn has a Jew problem

Rania Khalek Just Can’t Understand Lebanon Any More

It seems the Lebanese have other things to worry about, what with a massive war going on next door.

When Death Is The Alternative, Israel Isn’t So Bad

Remind us again how much you think Israel should hand back the Golan Heights to Syria

MUST WATCH: Syrian TV Host Slams Palestinians

Something you don't see every day

Why Can’t Anyone Ask Arabs These Questions In English

Summary: “it was the Joooooos!”

That’s A Hell Of A Bigoted Opinion You Got There Kerry

Remember that time when John Kerry made snide remarks about casualties caused by his own armed forces? No, me either.

Know Your History: A Map Of Palestine, 1855

In this battle of ideas, accuracy, words and concepts do matter, and to claim otherwise is foolish

Reader Post: Syrian Refugees Won’t Fight For An Invented Country

Syria was largely an invention of European colonial nations: is it really a nation its people will fight to rebuild?

The Son Of A Syrian Refugee

About those refugees. Deebo's opinion.

Reader Post: The US and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

As the US makes preparations for the first group of Syrian immigrants, reader Robb looks at what this entails

Abbas On Refugees From Syria

Israel made an offer to Abbas more than two years ago. He refused.


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