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Who Is Asghar Bukhari?

Man speak with forked tongue

Terror Attack In France

Wake up world!

Words Of A Mental Midget

Terrorist small talk.

Photo Of The Day: Apartheid Fail At The Showers

Palestinian Arab: "Apartheid? You got to be stupid blind to think so!"
image Muslim man praying, photo Muslim praying on streets

Al-Aqsa Mosque: Hearts or Tails

My first quibble, with their "qiblah"- in which direction?

Dial D For “Dumbass”

This would actually be funny if it wasn't so not funny

Future Darwin Award Winner Of The Day

Meet Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary

Izzy And The Muslim Guard

Izzy confronts a Muslim guard who explains that the Temple Mount is no longer holy to the Jews.

Muslim Women Go Medieval On Jewish Man

Yes, granted, the post title is a little on the link-baity side, but watch this video

Religious Jews Dancing At Arab Wedding

Getting jiggy with them

Tricks Of The Trad

Outspoken Australian Muslim community spokesman Keysar Trad is launching a book of love poems

No, We Do Not Believe Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam (Updated)

If that wasn't already abundantly clear!
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