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Attack Of The Sex Jihadis

Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes 'sexual jihad'

Only In Israel

Life's a beach in Israel

Halal Googling

Introducing the new Muslim search engine that blocks forbidden content as per Islamic law

Lauren Booth’s Full of Shiite

Video of Lauren Booth's performance for the media, including some new porky pies

Lauren Booth, Online Bully

While she claims she has felt scared of "grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women," Lauren Booth has tried to intimidate opponents online.

Lauren Booth Hams It Up For The Media

Lauren Booth is back in the news, this time hamming it up for the media by claiming to feel scared of "grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women"

Drunk Palestinian Muslim Claims IDF Forced Him To Get Drunk

What do you do if you are a palestinian Muslim and you come home reeking of alcohol, a substance prohibited to you by Islam?

The “Invisible” Threat: Full Video

Full video of Australia’s 60 Minutes story on the “invisible threat” of young radicalized Muslims willing to act as individuals with no threat or warning

The “Invisible” Threat

Australia's 60 Minutes has aired a story on the "invisible threat" of young radicalized Muslims willing to act as individuals with no threat or warning

The Newlyweds: Lauren Booth And Hubby Take A Stroll

Lauren Booth has been seen out and about with her new husband and it would be fair to say that they give Felix Unger and Oscar Madison a run for their money

Lauren Booth Reminisces About Her “Almost Topless” Days

Everyone's favorite antisemitic convert to Islam believes if a man ogles a woman's breasts, it is the woman who is being perverse

Believer In Shapeshifting Reptilian Space Beings Calls Israeli Government “Insane”

I'll take that as an endorsement of our government's sanity
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