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Hitler On The Temple Mount: The Middle East In A Nutshell

"Hitler killed Jews for his people and Sisi kills people for Jews."

Mia Farrow, (Selective) Nazi Hunter

She's taken to Nazi hunting on Twitter, but only one type of Nazi

Who Are The New Nazis?

After the war we sat millions of Germans down in classrooms and “denazified” them. Look it up. It really happened.

Trains Rolling Along And ‘Jews Living Happily in Auschwitz’

Trains are moving efficiently toward the new homes of the Jews and many hundreds of thousands of them are now living happily in Auschwitz and the other camps we have set up for them said moderate Nazi minister of Public Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels

Freudian Slip Of The Day

We know Hamas idolizes Nazi ideology, this is too good to be ignored

The Son Of A Nazi Man

Meet Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger, a Jew with a heck of a story and family history

Madonna And The Nazi Imagery

Apparently Madonna's recent Tel Aviv concert contained more than singing and preaching about peace. Like montages with Madonna looking like Adolf Hitler and sporting a swastika on her forehead

Nazi Pallywood 1938 And Fake Italian Charity Workers

Travelling cinema vans showed the Arabs faked pictures of Jews killing Arabs

The Muslim Neo Nazi

Meet the Neo Nazi who converted to Islam

It’s A Legal System, Jim, But Not As We Know It

The best to be said of the new laws is that they may offer the process of law in place of arbitrary bullying and local tyranny.

Zeon Pig!

From a 1968 Star Trek episode

Benjamin Churchill’s Islamic Crocodile

Militant Islam is our generation's Nazi crocodile.
Simon Wiesenthal

A Lesson Not Learned

A new book has revealed Simon Wiesenthal was a Mossad agent.


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