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Chanukah Hate Hijinx

Chanukah is the Jewish festival of lights, jelly donuts...and apparently anti-Semitic incidents. Such as this: Dozens of people led by an Orthodox priest smashed a menorah...

The Mascot

The remarkable story of a Jewish boy who fled into the forest after his family was killed by Nazis, and was later captured by...

Don’t Forget To Close The Door On Your Way Out

Marc Garlasco has been suspended with pay from his senior military analyst role with HRW, following the revelations of his Nazi fetish broken by...

Garlasco-Gate: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In the wake of HRW senior analyst Marc Garlasco's lame response to the publicizing of his Nazi fetish, more of his posts on Nazi...

In Color

This is just chilling.
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