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On The Detainment of Those Palestinian Kids “Foraging For Vegetables”

The mainstream media has gone mad over the story over the IDF detaining five palestinian Arab children near the Havat Maon outpost

Coming Soon to NBC: The Elders

Some spot-on satire following the latest egregious example of antisemitism being passed for entertainment at NBC
Nurses episode

With ‘Nurses’ Episode, NBC Again Shows it Detests Jews

NBC's Saturday Night Live: Check out our antisemitic blood libel masquerading as a joke. NBC's Nurses: Hold our beer
ilhan omar

Strong Israel Critic Admits Israel Lobby In US Successful Because…Americans Are Pro-Israel

Noah Berlatsky concludes that Israeli lobbyists are successful because - wait for it - Americans tend to be pro-Israel

NBC News Off To A Great Start: Wrong Wall Edition

Oh dear NBC, not every old looking wall in Jerusalem is the Western Wall.

NBC’s Monkey Business

Poor timing or planned prejudice?

Another Mensch: CTV’s Brian Williams

NBC's sports commentator Bob Costas is not the only mensch around. CTV Olympic host Brian Williams also slammed the IOC for refusal to have a minute's silence during the Olympics opening ceremony

Mensch Of The Weekend Bob Costas

In the IOC's minds the Palestinians gained 11 gold medals in '72
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