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Fairfax “Journalist” Caught Making Stuff Up To Demonize Israel

Today's example of lethal journalism

Reader Post: 10 Pro-Tips For Becoming an Effective Anti-Israel Protester

10 pro-tips that astute observers gleaned about how to be a card-carrying Israel-hating activist

NZ Foreign Minister Regrets NZ’s Sponsorship Of UN SC Resolution 2334

And the NZ government regrets his comments

Guest Post (The Mossad): Don’t Forget Our Earthquake Machine

Special Guest Post by The Mossad. And they mean business.

An Open Letter to New Zealand

And now we discuss New Zealand, another sponsor of UN Resolution 2334

New Zealand Foreign Minister Is Getting Middle East & Middle Earth Mixed Up

He seems to be writing a fantasy novel

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Another Mossad Hit

Guest poster Dickie with his latest scoop (of dung)

Antisemitic Incident In New Zealand: 4-Year-Old Boy Attacked

What sort of person slaps a 4-year-old Jewish boy on the head?

Old Hatreds In New Zealand Protest

Casual antisemitism again

A Maori Woman Stands Up For Israel

Sheree Trotter, a Maori woman who works as a researcher for Shadows of Shoah, tells it like it is

“Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” Try To Stop The Music

You'd be hard pressed to find a more misguided lot
jo aleh

Israel’s “Part” Gold Medal

Israel may not have won any medals in the recent Olympics, but we got closer than first thought


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