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WATCH: NFL Pro Football Hall of Famers Visit Israel (Part One)

18 NFL Hall of Famers were recently brought to Israel by Robert Kraft, to experience the Holy Land

WATCH: NFL Hall of Famers Heart Israel

I might not know too much about NFL but I sure as hell know what people appreciating Israel sounds like

NFL Players Who Touchdown In Israel Seem To Be Having A Ball

The social media posts indicate not all is lost

NFL Player Michael Bennett Sacks Israel

More like Martin Luther than Martin Luther King

NFL Player Terrell Suggs Loves..Gefilte Fish?!

I'm not familiar with Terrell Suggs, but seeing his picture, I would never take him for a gefilte fish kinda guy.

Don’t Be Fooled By Bogus Surveys Conducted By Colonizers

The Redskins name, as well as the use of a people as a mascot, is offensive

WATCH: Moment Of Silence for Ezra Schwartz Z”L

Watch the moment of silence for Ezra Schwartz at the Patriots game.

The Good Deed

Being Australian and a fan of the true football (Aussie Rules Football, of course), I am not very familar with the NFL or its...
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