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Joe’s World: Obama’s Special Delivery

A fowl plot is afoot

Jen Psaki: Kerry Has Made Dozens Of CALLS On Israel’s Behalf

Israel should be GRATEFUL that Sec. Kerry has made simply DOZENS of calls on its behalf!

Obama, Hanukkah And Another Insulting PC Gesture

The White House Hannukah candle lighting ceremony is supposed to be about embracing U.S. Jews

Joe’s World: Rouhani’s “Special” Letter To Obama

Exclusive copy of the letter Iran sent to Obama obtained by Israellycool

Obama’s Loud Silence

The President will not condemn the kidnapping and murder of our boys and this is why the media decided it's really no big deal.

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Things The Egyptian Prime Minister Said About The Muslim...

The Top 14 Reasons Egyptians Know Who The Real Terrorists Are!

Follow-Up: Make No Mistake About It

A follow-up piece to Make No Mistake About It. Here the author attempts to offer persuasive arguments to back the earlier rant.

Make No Mistake About It

It's time to change the discussion. The President doesn't blunder and he doesn't make mistakes. He deliberates and executes meticulously planned policies.

Reader Post: Anti-Zionist Sharks?

Reader Anne asks are these sharks "circling" the wagon to protect Israel, or are these American officials in disguise, searching for Israeli blood?

Truly Unique. UNIQUE?????

The prisoner release is hard to stomach and a description of Israel as "truly unique" for being the only country to release convicted terrorists didn't help matters much at all.

Reader Post: Brzezinski Equates Israeli Right Wing with Hamas

It’s a poorly kept secret: former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski hates Israel

Flashback: Bibi and Obama and “Red Lines”

Where did Obama get the idea about "red lines" from anyway?

Pictures From Egypt Tahrir Square You Won’t See On MSNBC

Obama: Your Bitch is our Dictator
abbas map

Mahmoud Abbas Has Another Precondition For Resumption Of Peace Talks

Abbas want Israel to release hundreds of terrorists in order to resume negotiation. If you're keeping track, Israel still has no preconditions.


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