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The Color Yellow

Affixing yellow stickers to items from Israel on Tesco supermarket shelves as carried out by BDS activists in Ireland has a veiled meaning Jews can't fail to comprehend.

Psagot Reportage In TOI, HaAretz Slanted Leftward

The Times of Israel and HaAretz revealed a leftward slant in their reportage of the Psagot attack on a nine-year-old girl.

I Think I Got My Answer On Sam Kiley’s Slip

Copernicus was wrong! The world revolves around the Palestinians

End Illegal Occupation Of Malibu By Imperialist Sean Penn

Glad to see Sean Penn is still so adept at making friends.

I Think You Forgot About That Internal Popup Window, Delta Interwebs Guy (UPDATED)

A funny thing happened on the way to Delta removing “Occupied Palestinian Territories” from its website. They did...but they also didn't.

DeltaGate Part Deux: This Time It’s Political

Delta Airlines graduates to partisan, anti-Israel political activism by adding "Occupied Palestinian Territory" to list of Middle East countries.

Eugene Kontorovich: “Disputing Occupation: Israel’s Borders and International Law”

Elder of Ziyon shares a synopsis of a talk by Prof. Kontorovich about fact vs. fiction on a disinformation-plagued issue.


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