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IDF’s Use Of Social Media Catches Attention Of Australian Defense Force

The IDF's use of social media during Operation Pillar of Defense caught the attention of many, including the Australian Defense Force. Color them impressed
Ahmed Nahal

Meet The Parents Excrements

Some of the terrorists killed during Israel's recent Operation Pillar of Defense

BBC’s Jon Donnison Summoned Out Of Gaza

Time to pay the piper Mr Jon Donnison.

TV Station Was A Legitimate Target

When is it OK to bomb a TV station? When Israel doesn't do it.

Richard Kemp On Operation Pillar Of Defense

Richard Kemp, otherwise known as the Fabulous British Colonel, thinks Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense against the terrorists in Gaza achieved its objectives

Idiotic Palestinian Logic Of The Day

Israel made some concessions, so Palestinians in Gaza need to abuse them

Just How Good Would You Be At Iron Dome

Your turn to fight the Hamas onslaught

If Hamas Were A Multinational Corporation?

Would the left hate them more?

Egypt Has Some Explaining To Do – Michael Ross

Egypt shares an 11 km border with Gaza that is seemingly invisible to flotilla activists

Al Jazeera Journalist Admits Rockets Being Fired Near Journalists

Nour Samaha from Al Jazeera English confirms what we already knew
Lauren Booth hamas

Hold The Front Page! Lauren Booth Is Back.

Lauren Booth knows THE TRUTH! It was the Joooooos!

Bus Bomb Tel Aviv Now

Bus Bombing Tel Aviv


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