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That Could Have Been My Living Room

Imagine if London, Paris, New York or Damascus had over 1000 missiles shot at them in a week.

IDF Are Like My Kids: They Love Digging Holes In The Sand

Who knows why the IDF decided to dig a very big hole and fill it with water?

Wolf Blitzer Runs For Cover During Rocket Blitzkrieg

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has learned first hand the kind of terror Israelis are facing every day

The Beeb Does It Again

They never fail to disappoint.

Jihadists Like Journalists

Not just for the media bias but also as human shields

IAF Caught In The Act

..of trying to avoid civilian casualties

And Now Back To Real News

Please go and read all of this.

Must Watch: Hamas Supporters In Toronto

There are some real pearls here

MSNBC Anchor Scrapes The Bottom Of The Ocean

Bad puns aside, this is insane

Breaking: Latest Victim Of Zionist Aggression

I wonder if Hamas will tweet this

ABC Correspondent Confirms Terrorist Rocket Fire From Residential Areas

Yonit Levy of Israel's Channel 2 interviews Alexander Marquardt of America's ABC News, who confirms Hamas' firing of rockets from populated civilian areas

Meanwhile, In Iran

Public Executions, Amputation And Flogging - 81 Executions In 10 Days

Sorry Lift Out Of Order

Last night the IDF took out communications antennae on the top floor of a building used by Hamas.


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