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The Worst Feeling In The World

Knowing your kids are both in different kindergartens and not with either parent to keep them calm.

IDF Hits Rocket Launcher In Backyard of Mosque

For the record, the mosque was not hit, which would disappoint the terrorists looking to further tarnish Israel's image

The BBC Claim Tel Aviv Is Israel’s Capital

The BBC displays contempt towards Israel and PCC

Another Day Another Fake Pallywood Wounded Child

She's been bleeding like that since 2009

Three Days Three Alarms

Thank you Iron Dome.

12 Year Old Hamas Tweeter Is Funny

Hamas use Google Translate and fail

Note From A Palestinian

Pay attention

Hamas Appoints 12-Year-Old In Charge Of Its Social Media Effort

Well, at least it seems like it

Background Money Shot

Look closely in the background of this Al Jazeera story.

Hamas And It’s Supporters Keep Faking It

We are seeing more incidences of Hamas and its supporters being loose with the truth to gain the upper hand in the information war

Sky News Falsely Claims Israel Violated Ceasefire

Another case of media bias

The Craters In Gaza Are Destroyed Long Range Artillery Rockets

The Israeli Air-Force is playing Whac-a-Mole in Gaza: Difficulty level: Extra hard Status: Winning

Hamas Post Boast Launch Video Of Rocket Fired At Tel Aviv

They are oh so proud of deliberately targeting civilians.


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