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The Craters In Gaza Are Destroyed Long Range Artillery Rockets

The Israeli Air-Force is playing Whac-a-Mole in Gaza: Difficulty level: Extra hard Status: Winning

Hamas Post Boast Launch Video Of Rocket Fired At Tel Aviv

They are oh so proud of deliberately targeting civilians.
Aldeira Hotel

Where Do The Media Run To?

Why "Concentration Camp" Gaza City of course!

Mark Regev On CNN

Israeli Prime Minister's Spokesman Mark Regev speaks to CNN

Video: Minimizing Civilian Casualties

Ok, granted it has the look and feel of one of those pre-flight instructional videos, but it does explain things well

Hague You Are Evil And Sorry Obama

This is how the UK establishment and media wants to work: fail to report the 100s of rockets on our civilians and then scream when we fight back.

Liveblogging The War

Regular readers may be wondering why I have not set up a liveblog like during previous conflicts
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