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And The Red Alert App Goes Wild!

Running for cover again in the south.
image Hagee in Jerusalem, Israel

Hagee Welcome to Jerusalem

With crisis in tourism industry, special welcome to Hagee and group

AP-ing The Hamas Narrative

The realization that Hamas fired rockets from civilian areas does not stop AP from doing all it can to adopt the Hamas narrative

Joe’s World: Israel vs Spiderman

Inside the wonderful mind of William Schabas...

Joe’s World: The Era of Advocacy Journalism

What's journalism without some good old bias to spice things up

Joe’s World: Propaganda!

When the truth is too much to handle just say the magic word...

BBC’s Jon Donnison Takes Time Out From Australia To Slam Israel

Jon Donnison sees damaged buildings, a fair observer would see something else all around.

Joe’s World: Distractions

Joe's cartoon of the day

Hamas Victory Picture

Brilliant caricature by Guy Morad

Gazans Celebrate “Victory” Over Israel

May they be granted further such "victories"

Further Analysis Of “Gaza Crisis Atlas 2014” Damage Clusters

A closer look at certain damage point clusters in the Gaza Strip, and what they reveal about Hamas and the UN


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