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A Soldier’s Voice From Gaza

“And it’s not easy to shoot at a mosque, it’s an important place for a lot of people"

Assessing The UN’s OCHA “Gaza Crisis Atlas 2014” Report

An in depth analysis of damage points in Gaza, their severity and spatial distribution

Caught On Video: Gazan Civilians Risking Their Lives

No, not standing up to Hamas, but perhaps standing around for them

Meet The Fockers: “Civilian” Terrorists Killed In Gaza

As expected, Hamas were fudging things. And their lies are starting to unravel

Reader Post: Why Even Contemplate a Ceasefire?

Reader Yonatan ponders whether we should be attempting to reach a cease fire agreement with Hamas at all

Reader Post: Open Mike Silenced.Finally

Reader Ori posts about the Mike Carlton controversy

The Blockade Hamas Maintains On The People Of Gaza

Humanitarian reasons to end the blockade couldn’t be further from their evil minds.

A Bad Idea Is A Bad Idea No Matter Who Thought Of It

The automated-response model would actually change completely what Israel is doing.

Mudar Zahran Holds Back

Go on, tell us how you really feel, don’t hold back Mudar!

An Indian Shopkeeper In London

Support will come from people who don’t watch or trust the BBC as their main source of news.

Orla Guerin’s Deep Disappointment From Gaza

I had the misfortune to watch Orla Guerin’s report on the main BBC News in the UK on Friday night.

Analysis Of Gazan Casualties In Operation Protective Edge: As Of August 6th

The latest analysis, with some striking new observations

Finally NYT Does Some Journalism And Agrees With Israellycool

"population most likely to be militants, men ages 20 to 29, is also the most overrepresented in the death toll"


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