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India Furious As Palestinian Ambassador To Pakistan Shares Stage With Terrorist

A palestinan official sharing a stage with a terrorist sounds to me like a regular PA general meeting

N Is For You Know Nothing Nathan Lean

This is exactly what you’d expect from someone who’s written a book on Islamophobia.

WATCH: M’aan News’ Palestine Tourism Video

Note who hardly gets mentioned or shown in the film, and what Palestine encompasses

Unabashed Antisemitism Takes Center Stage At This Year’s Anti-AIPAC Protest

At this year's anti-AIPAC gathering, young Jews stand in solidarity alongside out-and-proud antisemites

“State of Palestine” Showcased at Berlin Tourism Fair

Orit sees The State of Palestine booth at the largest tourism trade fair in the world

Know Your History: Nazi-Arab Collaboration In Palestine, 1930s

Some little known facts about Nazi-Arab collaboration in Palestine during the 1930s

Anti-Israel Nincompoop Of The Day

Quite the multi-tasker

P Is For Palestine

My answer to a real children's book

Know Your History: Muslim Reason For 1929 Riots (NY Times Dec 4, 1929)

More fascinating history from the news archives that sheds more light on the conflict

Newsweek Middle East Scores Spectacular Anti-Israel Own Goals

And I thoroughly rip them


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