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Know Your History: Nazi-Arab Collaboration In Palestine, 1930s

Some little known facts about Nazi-Arab collaboration in Palestine during the 1930s

Anti-Israel Nincompoop Of The Day

Quite the multi-tasker

P Is For Palestine

My answer to a real children's book

Know Your History: Muslim Reason For 1929 Riots (NY Times Dec 4, 1929)

More fascinating history from the news archives that sheds more light on the conflict

Newsweek Middle East Scores Spectacular Anti-Israel Own Goals

And I thoroughly rip them

Israel Haters Claim Italian Goalkeeper Gianlugi Buffon Is One Of Them (He’s Not)

The Israel haters are yet again full of beans

Know Your History: Palestinian Arab Identity And Jewish Presence In Palestine (The Sentinel March...

Another fascinating glimpse into old newspapers, revealing truths about the Middle East conflict

Know Your History: Those Palestine Mandate Coins 1927-1948

Because history is on our side

Hillel Commemorating the Nakba: The Only Path to Enlightenment

Jewish student organization Hillel celebrates Nakba Day instead of Israeli Independence Day

I Think: This Will Be It

When will it be it?

Know Your History: James Finn’s Observations In The Holy Land 1846-1856

Some more fascinating writings which can help break some myths about the conflict


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